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Snowflakes Applied to Debt

March 18th, 2015 at 08:41 am

I'm currently working on paying off our Wells Fargo American Express card using snowflake money. The balance at the beginning of the year was $700 which I have been able to pay down to $185.29 using only extra funds.

Today I made a payment of $155.71 towards that original balance to bring the new balance to $29.58! All the money was accumulated from eBay sales, a $15 Pinecone reward, $25 from Swagbucks and a $25 gift card to Target that I used for some groceries (and applied what I would have spent to debt).

Now I have added some new charges to the card in the last couple of weeks in order to get enough reward points to cash out before we close the card. We had 2334 as of the last statement. I charged another $154, which I have paid in full today as well.

But then I realized I was $12/12 points short! I went online and bought $15 in Amazon gift cards. Clearly it is enough purchases to get the points, but I think the statement will close today. I wonder if the charge will process in time. If not, another entire month will go by before I can redeem those points and close the card. I will likely use the $25 worth of points to pay the last $25 on the account.

The mid May statement will likely have a charge for the $175 annual fee which I do not want to pay. The card will be closed before that date regardless of the rewards outcome. Smile

So now that I have nearly all the balance paid with rewards I will start working on the Citi card balance that is at 0%. That balance is at $636.27. It would be nice to have this paid off before we move in June. I may need to look for some more things to sell, since we are not opening any new credit cards until after the move.

3 Responses to “Snowflakes Applied to Debt”

  1. scottish girl Says:

    Good job!

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