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Multiple Updates

July 22nd, 2014 at 06:47 am

I seemed to have several updates today, so I'll just throw them all into one post.

Swagbucks posted my most recent $5 Amazon gift card. The points were actually accumulated through Bing Rewards. We just used $4.99 in Amazon gift cards this weekend. So with the new gift card that posted we are back to $10.01 in Amazon credit. That gift card money used does count as a snowflake!!

Yesterday, I requested a refund on my husband's government card, since we had a negative balance of $35.47. He overpaid the card over a month ago. I thought he would get it corrected but he forgot and paid the same amount he charged thus we still had money owed to us. It looks like it will go to our bank account, rather than a check.

I have made over $95 in various charges to our Southwest Rapids Rewards card in the last several days. I thought we had met the requirement for spending, but when my husband had a hotel charge reversed we were short by about $95. The statement closes around the 26th of the month, so we are now set to met the requirement and I expect be rewarded our 50,000 bonus points (equal to $500 in gift cards). I plan to close the card after I redeem the points. At the time of closing we will have a negative balance of over $100 because of the reversed hotel charge. I expect Southwest will mail the money along with a return of the $99 annual fee.

I did end up redeeming our Wells Fargo American Express Propel World card points in the form of checks. I expect those will arrive quickly! I will then deposit them to our account and make an extra mortgage payment. This is likely far quicker than the 4-6 weeks predicted to credit the points to our Wells Fargo mortgage directly.

I can feel that summer is winding down, and school preparations are ramping up. Registration materials have arrived along with bus schedule and school supply lists. We will owe $130 in registration fees next week. I hope to get a clear list of the items we need to buy for supplies in the next day or two. There are already great sales out there! We do check our stash and reuse items when we can. I know backpacks, lunch bags, padlocks, pencils, pens and even paper are covered. I plan to buy hand sanitizer and tissues to give to my sister who teaches kindergarten.

I have not listed anything new for sale on Craigslist or eBay yet. I did have a couple things on Craigslist earlier this month but was getting a lot of spam replies, so I pulled things down. I have things for eBay but honestly have not been motivated. I also don't like to list things and have them end when I'm out of town, which is a possibility soon. It will all happen eventually!

Are you already getting ready for kids to return to school? Have you redeemed any Swagbucks or listed on eBay? Have you earned any credit card rewards?

6 Responses to “Multiple Updates”

  1. Mich Says:

    CCF - i am about to redeem some Swagbucks for a $5 Amazon code. Just redeemed points for a $3 pinecone payment and I received my bonus from Chase Freedom. I have transferred to my Capital One savings account. Also, this weekend, I made 5 transactions on my Capital One debit card. How long does it take to receive your bonus from them... was it $75 or $100? Thanks for all of your blogs. I enjoy them.

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    CCF - Have you ever looked into selling on local FB sites? I find that a lot easier then Ebay because there are no fees, bidding or shipping and you could have the item gone and cash in hand in hours! I am really enjoying it, something to think about if your area has a local FB sales site. Smile

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Mich, Nice little snowflakes. I looked back and saw that I opened my account with Capital One on July 3 (2013), completed my last debit transaction on July 15, and my bonus was credited on August 21 (which I promptly withdrew that day!). I sort of remember something about day 50 that is is deposited, which would be right based on the dates I just explained. CO customer service is great...on the phone and by messaging and I believe they can tell you the exact date!

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    Banker Gurl, yes I am aware of some of the local FB sites. I find listing using FB a little more creepy and unsafe than Craigslist. And I don't find Craigslist all that safe at times. I don't want strangers to see my pictures, ect. Yes, I do have privacy settings on, but those are not foolproof. I can't believe how many people's pictures I can see that I'm NOT friends with.

    I'm quite happy with eBay when I get around to it. I've been using it for over 10 years, so I'm used to the fees and shipping requirements. Thanks for the idea though!

  5. Mich Says:

    CCF - have you found any new snowflakes? Smile

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I redeemed SBs for a $25 PP award, and am looking forward to August 1 to redeem my $25 in AGCs

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