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Discounts, Less Debt & More

April 16th, 2014 at 06:54 am

Feeling just slightly stressed as I write this. We have a lot going on here at our house. All good, just busy. I barely had time yesterday to pay bills and you might have noticed no blog post here or on Your Organized Friend.

First, Ooma has their $99 promotion going again. This gives you the opportunity to buy an Ooma Telo system for $50 off their retail price. It includes free shipping. We still love our Ooma! I wrote a little more about it on Our Money Blog. If you know you want the discount, click here.

I paid bills yesterday. I had six credit cards with balances! Two were less than $10, but still. Crazy. Part of the problem right now is my husband and I are using our Capital One cards, but we each have separate accounts and no extra card for the other one. I think This is the case with a few of our cards. I will need to look into which account to cancel, so we have similar amounts of open credit. After that request an authorized user card so we can use one account at a time. Oh, and if I wasn't clear I paid ALL the balances off. Smile

We purchased 9 gallons of Sherwin Williams paint during their 40% off sale last weekend. Saved over $200!! I purchased paint based on two coats, but the sales person said it is likely one coat will cover our light walls since it is thick paint. The reviews say the same thing. They do recommend two coats, and I have always had to paint that way, but I haven't painted with this paint before. Part of me hopes we can get away with one coat so we can use the extra gallons in other parts of the house and to save time! I used my Discover card to get 5% cash back since home improvement stores (and paint stores) are on the list this quarter.

I'm about to send in $121.24 in snowflake money to the mortgage as an extra principal payment. Most of that is the last round of Ooma referral money. We also had a regularly scheduled extra principal payment of $275 post to our mortgage yesterday. Less debt!! I like that.

Did you see there is a $10 off $50 worth of food coupon at Target this week? Great deal if you need to get your regular groceries or extras for the holiday. I found mine in the regular printed ad, but I'd look at their site to see if you can find it there. And then there's always your basic Google search.

Calorie watching is going well this week. I think the scale may actual show a change on Friday when I weigh in. I just have to make myself get to the gym. I'm already behind schedule today!

Decluttering has been slow. I'm mostly keeping up with my goal to keep things tidy each day. I've noticed that I'm moving things to different areas, but not completely dealing with things. For example, I had some papers on the kitchen counter. I did recycle some, but then I moved the pile to our desk in the basement. Same pile basically, but now in a different spot, which is closer to the file cabinet they need to be in. I will have to make a point to get to my desk area soon. It shouldn't take too long.

I have items on Ebay that we decided to part with last week. Most are Buy It Now options. One has a bid and a couple are being watched. With Easter, I think sales are likely to be slow this week. I have the listings set to renew if they don't sell this week. Any funds received I will be grateful for.

Now I feel less stressed since I was able to get this entire post written. Can you see I was a little more wordy today, with quite a few topics to write about? Will you use that Target coupon? Are you keeping your recently decluttered areas tidy? Anyone else have spring painting plans?

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  1. Mooshocker Says:

    Great job...great information...Jamie

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