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Paid Bills

March 31st, 2014 at 10:46 am

It's the end of the month, and my husband's paycheck is pending deposit. I went ahead and recorded all the bills that automatically draft this next pay period. First is the mortgage payment of $1,415 which included an extra $103+ as a principal payment. Smile

I also went online and made a large payment on our Southwest card. It was $961.70 to cover our recent Honda maintenance expense, our cell phone bill and other miscellaneous spending from last pay period. There is still a balance on the card. Much of that is some travel expenses by my husband. We should get most of the reimbursement very soon. I'm hoping tomorrow. Once we do I will send all that in and get the card down to zero again.

I set aside $50 for Christmas, $114 towards our auto registration and insurance, and the $57 for the 52 Weekly Savings Challenge. I wrote one check for a school field trip and another for a flute lesson later tonight. I will be getting cash out for allowances, and another future flute lesson. Oh yes, some of the cash I need to get is for my daughter's birthday. She received a check for her birthday and she wanted me to get cash for it.

At this point, I plan to send the check for our taxes late next week, around April 11. We have the $413 in our account now, so I can mail anytime. I'm just waiting as long as I can to pay! I will go ahead and right the check, and stamp and address the envelope. I sure don't want to forget to pay the government.

I'm waiting to hear about the $100 credit I have on my US Bank card. I want them to mail me a check, but I have not heard back yet. The credit is from those Ooma referrals I received. If they won't send a check, I will use the card to pay a utility bill and just take the difference to send to the mortgage.

Are you paid on the first of the month? Do you record all your bills for that pay period right away? Or only record when it actually happens?

3 Responses to “Paid Bills”

  1. snafu Says:

    Our contracts are supposed to direct deposit one business day in advance of last day of month but some are better than others. The regular bills with similar monthly sums are on automatic, electronic withdraw. CCs and incidental or irregular services are generally paid electronically set for one or two business days before due date set up the next time I'm at the bank's computer site. The list is on my cell phone's calendar.

    ...fascinating to learn from doing it all wrong while most people find electronic deposit safe and reliable, they don't feel the same way about pay-out. Our banks are pushing hard for us to use smart phone for banking. My one concern is that the phone is on the flat surface and too easily taken by anyone walking by. The guys always have pockets for their cell, more secure in my view. It played a role in my decision to buy a HTC not iPhone.

    If paying by cheque, why not post date for preferred date and mail it on the next trip out?

    Thanks for updating about Lowe's gift card. I didn't know they remove options so quickly.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Yes, I'm not sure what is up with me not wanting to give my bank information to SEND money to the IRS, but happily give it out for a refund! I wrote the check, and decided I should just get it recorded and mailed. Why wait when the money is there? It will just be one less thing on my to do list!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I get paid every other Thursday. I don't really pay much attention to when payday is really. Most of my bills either are paid by credit card, or are paid automatically on the due date.

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