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Birthday Spending

March 23rd, 2014 at 05:26 pm

My daughter turns 17 tomorrow. Amazing how fast the time goes! Adults would tell me this all the time. I just never believed them. I do now. Smile

We gave her $60 cash, a $15 iTunes gift card, a necklace from Etsy and a large candy bar that she likes. We also took her to lunch at Panera today, where we spent about $35. We also picked up ice cream cupcakes from Cold Stone Creamery. Those cost $13, but it is a tradition she likes. In the end we spent about $150 on her. She was happy and we were glad to shower her with treats and gifts.

We will eat those cupcakes after we have homemade pizza for dinner tomorrow night. We have stretched out the celebrating since her birthday is on a weekday...and the first day back from Spring Break!

We are stocked up on groceries for what I hope is the rest of the month. There could be a couple of fresh veggies we will need next weekend. I have gas in my vehicle. I have cash for the flute lesson. I can think of a few other minor expenses, but it should be low key in spending for the week. I like that!!

Do you expect a frugal week ahead? Is the end of the month tight on cash for you? Did we overspend on our daughter?

9 Responses to “Birthday Spending”

  1. scfr Says:

    No, the end of the month is not tight on cash now, but I still remember vividly when I was first out on my own and the end of the month was ALWAYS tight! I don't allow myself to forget those times even though it was a few decades ago.

    I don't think you over-spent on your daughter, since you have all your financial ducks in a row. Do you specify what the $60 is to be used for or do you leave that completely up to her?

    (Would you believe I've never been to Panera even though we have one just down the road? I may have to try it some time.)

  2. FinancialRecovery Says:

    Happy birthday to your daughter ! Smile

  3. FinancialRecovery Says:

    Happy birthday to your daughter ! Smile I don't think you overspent on her ...this is a once-a-year thing, after all Smile Smile

  4. Buendia Says:

    Happy birthday to your daughter, and congratulations to you, too! Seventeen is a big milestone; all birthdays are big milestones! I don't think you overspent on your daughter either! You've budgeted for it!

  5. ceejay74 Says:

    Nope, next week will not be frugal, but at least I see it coming. Babysitter and probably drinks Thursday (at least tickets to the show we're going to are already paid for), then friends over Saturday (we're treating them to delivery food of some type). I'm really hoping that's the end of spending for a while though! This has been an unusual month and I'm way in the hole on my own spending money (will have to take out less money every week until I get back on track).

  6. wife of the deacon Says:

    We are frugal this week because we have "no mas dinero"! We're eating leftovers from our dinner party on Saturday, and we filled up our gas tanks at Sam's Club (gas was a low $3.63/gallon).

    Sounds like a wonderful way of celebrating your birthday girl! Will she be buying one of the programs she wants?

  7. creditcardfree Says:

    @wifeofthedeacon, she has not decided what to buy with her cash. She is a good saver and doesn't rush to spend the money she is given.

  8. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Nope, I think you did a good job of treating her special w/o going overboard. Smile

  9. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    I don't think you overspent. Maybe if it were 150 on your dog...

    That was about what I spent on my pup's 1st birthday... back in my more frivolous spending days.

    I'm aiming for a no-spend week because I plan to go out on Saturday night. Shouldn't be that hard since I never have much free time during my work weeks nowadays :/

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