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Found Two Pennies

March 11th, 2014 at 12:11 pm

I found two pennies in the parking lot in front of the post office today. It made me wonder how much money has been sitting on the ground this winter, or even pushed into snowbanks along the road. I bet there is some money to be found looking in those melting snow piles. Of course, I only found my two cents out in the open. I wasn't digging through dirty snow!

I made it to the gym today! I did my thirty minutes of cardio and got out of there, so I could accomplish more at home. I have now had 8 workouts this month, so getting closer to the goal of 20. I have completed 3 of 10 weight lifting workouts so far, too!

Part of my day did include running a few errands. I need contact solution, bar soap, and a 40 watt light bulb. I also bought a mesh strainer for about $4 on clearance. That was a last minute purchase, but I think I jumped on it because I never see one that low in price. It was the amount I was willing to spend and I know I will use it when rinsing lentils and quinoa.

I went to another grocery store to get my daughter the yogurt she likes. None of the big containers on the shelf. I bought three little ones and will have to go back next week to see if they have the larger containers in stock. I also bought butter, quart of milk, and a strip steak for fajitas later this week.

I didn't pay close attention but I think all of those items I purchased today were close to $50! It might have been a little less, but I sure didn't get much for that money it seemed. I guess some of those things were just pricey though, too.

I claimed the money from another Pinecone survey. I expect that money to be in my Paypal account tomorrow. Another little snowflake on the horizon.

Have you found any money on the ground recently? Do you think yours had been covered by snow for some time?

2 Responses to “Found Two Pennies”

  1. baselle Says:

    Yup. I'm at $41.17 since mid-July this year. Seattle doesn't get much snow, so we don't have that excuse. Only that people can be quite careless securing their pockets.

    I've found the best places to find money have these three elements: near cash business (you need to pay cash to get change), lots of 'pockets' meaning pedestrians or standing cars, and some distraction - enough has to be going on where a person might not secure what's in their pocket properly.

    Snow could help the distraction piece on the money losing side but I think it helps to distract the money picker-uppers more.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I just found another penny on the train yesterday. I've found about .14 in the past week. There may be a lot more under the snow.

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