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52 Week Savings Challenge

February 15th, 2014 at 07:18 am

I should really call our challenge Twice Monthly Savings challenge. Smile Our automatic deposit to our savings challenge will take place on Monday. Another $57 deposit will bring the balance to $295. This covers weeks 1-9 and 48-51.

I still don't have specific plans for this money, but it may eventually go for a car for our teen daughter or a vacation further down the road. It just feels good to make a specific and planned savings deposit. We save more than this each pay period, but the amount varies.

In other news, I did list our old kitchen table and chairs on craigslist for $150. No interest yet, but I put it up late last night. I also listed a series of books on Ebay for my daughter. Again no leads yet! But I expect there will be. Smile

How are you doing on your savings challenge? Are you trying to sell anything?

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