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Little Money News

February 13th, 2014 at 11:36 am

My Swagbucks money arrived in my PayPal account yesterday, so I requested that money to be transferred to our checking account. There was also a Pinecone payment in there, so I pulled that too. That will be $28 going to the mortgage! I will likely make that payment tomorrow when I'm paying bills.

My husband's paycheck is already pending in our bank account. I like paydays that arrive on the weekend...it means we get our money a little early.

I had over $150 in cash at our house due to getting cash for fundraiser that I wrote just one check for and getting paid for that sewing work. I took all the cash plus some change I scrounged up and made a $158.65 payment on our Target Red Card. Obviously, I made this payment in the store. I still owe more on the card, but I will pay that off tomorrow when I pay bills.

My daughter has found 10 books she wants to get rid of. Preferably she would like to sell them. One series has sold on Ebay for $50 with free shipping included. She keeps her books very nice, so I think hers can sell for this amount easily. The other series isn't as clear about the price it sells for. I might try $25 initially. Maybe I can get them posted later tonight if I have boxes for them.

We really need to list some furniture on Craigslist soon. We have a kitchen table and four chairs, a couch and a love seat. I'd like to try this weekend, but I'm not sure if my husband will be on board with that. I'd like $300 for all pieces. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I picked up The Signature of All Things, by Elizabeth Gilbert at the library today. I'm looking forward to reading it...for free of course.

I also picked up two small bags of candy at the store today. This is for Valentine's Day tomorrow. I might make a couple homemade cards for my girls. We will have manicotti for dinner at home. That is our frugal celebration!

Do you have frugal Valentine's plans? Did you sell any books or borrow one from the library?

2 Responses to “Little Money News”

  1. PNW Mom Says:

    I have books from the library! Smile
    We too will have a frugal Valentine's Day although I have a sneaking suspicion DH will stop on his way home tomorrow and get me flowers.

    I did spend a little bit and sent some Valentine treats down to the two dd's at college....it's fun to get something in the mail!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Turns out my husband came home with flowers last night. This wasn't too surprising, as he usually does this the day before Valentine's Day. He bought a $17 bouquet from Target, that I bet usually cost $10. It was for me and the girls...so I guess that is better than 3 bouquets of flowers at $17 each.

    I know I would like Valentine's mail if I were at college!

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