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A New Savings Approach

January 31st, 2014 at 02:28 pm

I wanted to give you a heads up on a new savings approach I read about today on The Simple Dollar. It's called $4 Per Gallon Savings. The link is on Our Money Blog, or you can search for it on your favorite search engine. I haven't decided if this approach is something I will incorporate yet, but definitely an interesting way to establish an emergency fund.

I also wanted to mentioned that I changed our withholding from 9 to 8 this week. I did this because we owe $413 this year, and we expect my husband will be getting a raise in several months. As a result more income taxed with similar deductions, means more tax owed! We might as well be close to getting it right rather than owing a large amount. I don't mind owing, just not thousands of dollars! The IRS withholding calculator and the calculator I used on Paycheck City came up with the same result.

My previous post today is my final tally of snowflakes for the month of January and the amount of principal we paid on our mortgage last month.

3 Responses to “A New Savings Approach”

  1. deedee421 Says:

    I like the $4 per gallon savings plan. I hadn't heard about this, but I'm going to try it and add my savings to the 52 week challenge.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    That is an interesting concept on the $4 a gallon for gas.

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