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August 28th, 2013 at 12:23 pm

I've come to a screeching halt installing my Google Voice calling plan. They don't have ANY numbers in my area code. Or my last area code or the one before that. Clearly, this Google Voice things is not available everywhere. Too bad I didn't check before I bought the adapter!!

I bought the OBi adapter on Amazon for $39.00. Shipping was free with our Prime membership. No tax...thanks internet. I can return to Amazon and pay $4.99 plus $0.75 per pound. Since it is less than a pound, I expect the refund to be reduced by $5.74.

I could also sell it on Ebay. I see others listed for slightly more than I paid but those include free shipping, which means the shipping would have to come from the proceeds. And I would have Ebay fees on top of it. I think it really ends up being better to return it even if I get shipping deducted. Live and learn I guess!!

Now I need to search my other options. I'm leaning towards the Ooma, which is three times the cost of the unit I bought. This service will charge me the federal fees of $3.71 per month. I did notice I can use a Citi promotion for one day shipping from Amazon if I buy the Ooma unit from there. Tempting!

Or we could just skip the land line altogether. Oh geez, I really thought I had it figured out. More to come later. Smile

4 Responses to “Screech.......”

  1. PNW Mom Says:

    Do you really need the land line? Just curious Smile I have a co-worker who wants to keep hers as her kids are younger and are just starting to stay home alone for short periods of time...it's a safety thing for her.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    @PNW, I don't know that I REALLY need the landline! I could try it for a little while without and see how it goes.

    The youngest daughter stays home and doesn't leave her cell phone on...so she would need to make changes to that when we are away. I like to be able to give a local number to school and kids friends, but maybe it doesn't matter. Our cells are a different area code. Time to talk to the family and see what we all think!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Is it necessary to have a local area code? Or is it just that you want a home phone? If it is just to have a home phone, then the OOMA should work fine, local area code or not.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    It is not necessary for a local area code, but highly preferred!

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