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Facial Tissue & Hand Sanitizer

August 23rd, 2013 at 08:05 am

I was talking with my sister last night. She is a teacher. She has taught English as a Second Language students, first grade and now kindergarten. Her public school district supplies all kids with crayons, pencils, scissors and glue, among other things.

She teaches in a school where many children come from poverty. Not all, but many. The parent teacher organization is nearly non existent. Other elementary schools have very active and generous PTO's. Some teachers actually get a Starbucks coffee everyday by an active group of parents! Whoa.

You know what my sister wants? Not Starbucks. She wants hand sanitizer and tissues to keep her and the kids healthy in the classroom. She currently buys these out of her own pocket. And did you know first graders and kindergartners go through lots of tissues!! I have encouraged her to at least mention the need in a newsletter. Not all parents will respond or be able to contribute, but some will.

My youngest daughter (8th grade) actually had 3 boxes of tissues on her school supply list. This had always been the case for us in all three districts our children have attended. My oldest simply had a request from the band directors last year to donate. We did...happily!

I will pick up more tissues today at the store. I will give them to the band and my sister next time I see her. I will also get a couple large containers of hand sanitizer for her as well. I will likely spend less than $20 but it will make a difference.

I hope if you know any teacher, in any grade and any subject you consider giving a tissue and or hand sanitizer donation. They really can use these things...and they are often not provided by the school.

Does your child's school ask for these types of donations? Do you give? Do college level teachers (I think there are a few of you here) need these things as well? Let's discuss!!

6 Responses to “Facial Tissue & Hand Sanitizer”

  1. Kiki Says:

    My apartment complex adopted an elementary school nearby. I took the $30 from vacation I had left and went to the dollar store. I bought 15 containers of the hand sanitizer for $10. And it is the real hand sanitizer meeting the requirements. I also bought paper notebooks, glue sticks, and oteh things. It was bags full. I was so happy to donate to them!

  2. PNW Mom Says:

    Back when my kids were in elementary/middle school it depended...some years we just had to send a check to cover supplies and some years we had a list with required supplies we had to purchase. In high school, there were a few years when we were asked to supply copy paper. My co-worker who has an in going 4th grader received his supply list with hand sanitizer, kleenex, zip lock bags, dry erase pens, and chalkboard erasers in addition the the usual crayons, scissors ect.....Never had a request for dry erase pens or chalkboard erasers though...that was sure different.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice, Kiki! Thanks for helping out.

    PNW Mom, we have had dry erase pens on our lists for a few years now. Kids use dry erase boards in class more than they once did.

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    As a "special" teacher I don't get to add to the classroom supply list. The kids 3rd and up need a folder for Media. The last two years I was able to reuse folders that were already there, but they got pretty beat up. So I bought 120 folders today at Walmart. (I had a guy in line behind me ask me what they were - I had 6 different colors of folders. I imagine he couldn't figure out what I was getting so many of. Smile )

    We do have hand sanitizer provided to us, but not tissues. That I usually buy, or tell the kids to get toilet paper from the bathroom!

    If your sister is at a public school, be sure to let her know to look into donors choose (I think that's the name) - ps teachers can put up needs and people can donate to the various needs. (wish there was something like it for private school teachers ... oh well...)

  5. MonkeyMama Says:

    At our school, the teachers get whatever they ask for. The problem is they aren't always the best about asking.

    We just give whatever we have on hand, when it is asked for. Most recent request that we could oblige was paper bowls and pencils (the kids bring home a TON of pencils, I have blogged about that a few times). So I sent a bunch of pencils back, win-win. But, we are far more focused on giving time to the school because we have infinitely more time than money, right now. My spouse also is able to earn tons of Scholastic gift certificates for the teachers and librarian (in exchange for volunteering for Scholastic). So, basically, we have provided thousands of dollars of books to the school, in exchange for labor.

  6. creditcardfree Says:

    Thanks FT on the heads up for Donorschoose.org. I passed it on to my sister.

    @MM, I am always willing to give when it is asked for. I think that is the biggest message I was trying to give to my sister. It's okay to ask!! I just don't know that the response will be great considering the income level of the parents.

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