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Time to Check Equifax Credit Report

August 20th, 2013 at 01:30 pm

I posted earlier today about making another principal payment on our mortgage...check it out if you want the details!

I had an automatic email reminder from myself earlier this month that I needed to check our credit reports. Specifically Equifax. I finally did that today. Everything looks just fine. All those new credit cards are showing up!!

I used the free service, AnnualCreditReport.com offered to everyone in the United States. You do have to provide your social security number, address and confirm some information about credit you currently have or had on the secure site. I had to identify our mortgage company, payment amount, the truck loan lender and that payment amount. We paid that truck off earlier this year and I already forgot what the payment was! I had to look it up.

I check one credit agency once every four months. You can choose to get all three reports now and then wait one year to look at them again. At least for free!

Do you check your credit report on a regular basis?

3 Responses to “Time to Check Equifax Credit Report”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I have a credit monitoring service because of a wallet theft years ago, but it only does one of them. I figure if it shows up on one it'll show up on all for the most part. It's worth the money for my peace of mind.

  2. soogar Says:

    I checked my credit report recently as well. I wish they would provide the FICO score as well because I don't want the hassle of signing up for a service and then discontinuing it.

  3. snafu Says:

    I keep reading articles about how personal information is tracked/monitored can be sold or 'hacked' or reformatted in a negative way. I can't imagine why anyone would care about our financial status other than a loan officer if we wanted to buy another big ticket item.

    I sometimes get tweaked when I read about someone's dental adventure and then for days see dental ads pop up everywhere, on every site I open

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