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Finally Bought A Bike

August 10th, 2013 at 05:53 pm

My husband, my older daughter and I have all had bikes for several years. My youngest had one and grew out of it and then went through a phase of not wanting to ride even though we offered the bike. We have Raleigh's which we really like. They aren't top of the line, but they aren't exactly cheap. The bike we bought my youngest daughter today was $535 including tax.

We went on our first family bike ride in probably three years. It was wonderful!! I could have gone longer but for a first trip out in awhile it was fine. Since we are in a new town since we last rode our bikes we will have plenty of trails to explore. We will have to drive to get to the trails...which we didn't in our last town. This part makes me sad. Of course, we can do some neighborhood rides, but those get a little old.

Yes, I did put the bike on the Southwest Card. We have officially met the $2000 spending limit. I don't have another card bonus in the works. Yet! I will work on figuring out the next best plan for that while I wait for the Rapids Rewards to post so I can claim the gift cards.

And while we were out today we stopped into a music store we haven't been in for awhile. We inquired about used piccolos as my daughter has been saving her money. The maximum she currently has is $500, we walked out with a very nice Yamaha piccolo for $250, plus tax. I put this on the SW card, too, since she didn't have her cash with her. So now, We really over the minimum spending limit. She has already given me the cash which I will likely apply to our Target Red card since I can pay that off with cash in the store. (We bank online so it is difficult to deposit actual cash without converting it to a money order.)

So today was...spendy! But so worth the deal on the piccolo and the time spent outside with my family.

3 Responses to “Finally Bought A Bike”

  1. snafu Says:

    What a wonderful family activity! As the weather moderates it's such fun to explore trails in a new community in spite of the need to drive to a start point. Wish I could convince DH to use his bike, the bike path runs behind our complex. We walk it 2 blks to the off leash dog park

  2. Kiki Says:

    My bike was stolen in April 2012 off my patio and I really want another bike. I want to get back into riding to work. It is only about 15 minutes to work and I miss not doing it.

    This has inspired me to look around and see what I like.

  3. scfr Says:

    Add in the health and mental benefits, and it was indeed money well spent.

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