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Extra Thank You Points

July 26th, 2013 at 03:14 pm

I was checking on some of the credit cards we have been using. Double checking that they are at zero balance. I requested the first one I opened to be canceled. I then looked at the Citi card and realized there were 2110 points. I looked around on the site, but wasn't interested in any CDs that could be redeemed for 600 points. I did notice that I can link my card to my Amazon.com account and use my points for Amazon purchases. My 2110 Thank You points are equal to $16.88. My only other problem is that I don't have anything I need to buy! I will wait to close this card until I have used the final points and then get it closed. I'm sure something will come up that we can purchase on Amazon. They have EVERYTHING!

Today I returned a rug I bought earlier in the week. Another $16 back in our pocket. I also found out that DH was paid from the Army for a trip he made last week. He drove his own car and thus was paid mileage. We made money (about $160)since his out of pocket expenses were less. Of course this is to cover the cost of operating the vehicle and depreciation. I think I will save it towards some upcoming vehicle maintenance. Oil changes are about due, and I know they will be checking the brakes, since we might be due for new pads. Of course, we'll charge them on the Southwest card to help get us to our $2000 spending minimum.

It looks to be more gorgeous weather this weekend. I hope we can get out and be active. We are keeping the windows closed and the air on because allergies. We all seem to get congestion when we have the windows open. Hopefully not too much spending!

Will your weekend be a spendy one or frugal?

2 Responses to “Extra Thank You Points”

  1. Jenn Says:

    CCF, if you charge $400 more on that Citi card, you'll have enough to redeem for a $25 Amazon gift e-card. It's a better deal than using your points on Amazon. You have to make a phone call to them to redeem for the gift card, but it's worth it. Within 15 minutes, you have the Amazon code in your e-mail inbox.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I understand your point. Right now I'd rather put the charges to our Southwest card because $400 in charges will net about $100 in gift cards with the bonus we are going for. I don't know that I will keep the Citi card, I'd rather use the points I have left for $16 than lose those points entirely.

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