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Swagbucks for Equity and More

July 18th, 2013 at 07:52 am

The Swagbucks reward of $25 in my PayPal account was awarded yesterday. I already had $3 from Pinecone in the account, so I transferred $28 to our bank account to be added to the Snowflakes for Equity! I'm getting closer to $500 for the month. Smile

I'm hoping to see the reward check from Citi soon, as they notified me earlier in the week it had been mailed. It would also be nice to see the Southwest card arrive. We are nearly done with the Amex card my husband has. I only request one card on the cards that only require $500 in spending since we can meet that so quick with a few online bills and gas purchases. The Southwest card will have a spending requirement of $2000 and it is better if we each have a card. I know all the back to school spending will definitely go on that card!

I'm waiting on MyPoints to release some of my pending points. I want to redeem 3700 points for an Applebee's gift card. This is a favorite of my mother in law and we often give her this gift card for Christmas. Once I actually have the gift card, I think I will pull $25 from the Christmas budget and move to the Equity savings.

My decluttering yesterday involved going through about three dozen magazines. I don't pay to subscribe, but did redeem some expiring airlines for about 5 different magazines. Some I didn't feel the need to go through, but a few I did. I pulled out a few recipes and ideas for the house. I think I'll just recycle them or put them out for free this weekend when I list on Craigslist.

I think today I will go through my bathroom drawers and cupboard to see if anything needs to be tossed, recycled or given away. A drawer or two here and there doesn't take much time.

We are mostly hanging out at home in this heat. No real expense to do that. The girls seem to have plenty of reading to keep them entertained and we have watched some instant videos from Amazon Prime.

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