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July Snowflakes To Date

July 14th, 2013 at 01:01 pm

Here is the chart showing the snowflakes I have accumulated since the beginning of the month. The credit card rewards make a big difference!

I do expect additional rewards before the end of the month, thus I will wait to send this big fat snowball of money to the mortgage as a principal payment. I expect a Pinecone survey or two, a Swagbucks reward, a MyPoints reward, another credit card reward or two, AND profits from Ebay sales!

Just to be clear. We only have a balance on one of the credit cards. That is the most recent one we completed, Capital One Quicksilver. Today, I made a payment of nearly $268 to cover the utilities we charged, thus we owe about $232. I expect to redeem the bonus when it hits the account as a statement credit, thus putting what we owe to about $125. I will get this paid off right after the credit posts to the account.

And in other good news, we saved $265 in our emergency fund this pay period. Pretty good considering some recent travels and a birthday!

Do you have a mid month snowflake tally? How do you keep track of your snowflakes? What are you doing with your snowflakes?

2 Responses to “July Snowflakes To Date”

  1. IndianGal Says:

    That is fantastic. I need to learn how to use credit card rewards. I will browse through your blog more for pointers on this. Have a great week!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    @IndianGal, if I remember you have quite a bit of debt. I would be very careful, or even avoid credit cards until your debt is paid off. It's not worth going into debt for or paying interest on that debt.

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