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Earned A Reward

July 3rd, 2013 at 06:49 am

I officially have the first reward from the credit cards I opened to obtain bonus cash. And it is from Capital One in the amount of $105.07. The cash bonus was $100, plus the regular 1% cash back bonus. We spent just over $500 on the card to achieve the bonus.

Yesterday morning our balance on the card was $158.84, which was for our Verizon and Netflix bills. Since the cash rewards were available, I redeemed them as a credit to the balance. I paid the remainder of the balance ($53.77).

Since I used the credit rather than waiting for the check, I simply have set the $105.07 that would have been used to pay the bills mentioned above in our Snowflakes for Equity. So that is one of the first July snowflakes! Smile

I am waiting for the Citi Thank You card statement to close to earn $250 in rewards. I originally thought I would have to redeem these for gift cards, but it looks like a statement credit is an option. I do see that it does need to be redeemed in an even denomination, but as long as I get the $250 that works for me! We ended up charging over $1400 on the card. I have paid all but $244. I actually should charge another $6+ to get to an even $250 so I can actually redeem the full $250 as a credit. I will then simply move our cash that would have been paid towards the bill to the Snowflakes for Equity.

I still don't have my Capital One referral code. I sent an email message stating the issue again to see if I can get it resolved today. I did not have the two deposits to confirm our bank account, so that hold up is delayed. I know that I can get a referral code eventually and there are always $20 referrals. I just know that anyone signing up is more likely to do so when there is a great bonus in it for them as well. I am happy that it has worked for everyone else!

Happy Snowflaking!!

4 Responses to “Earned A Reward”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Nice job on your snowflakes. Some of them are almost snowballs!

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    I have just about $80 more to spend to hit the Sapphire preferred target and i believe its' $400 or $450 in gift cards. Can't wait for that one!

    Also waiting on amx blue cash everyday. I reached the spend limit 2 weeks ago but they still haven't credited the points. i may call them.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    I was able to verify my account just now. Can you do so and get your link now???

    @PS - The Am Ex Blue card - they don't credit points until the next statement. It will show up on your next statements and THEN it takes another few days to actually hit your points account. (Which reminds me, I totally forgot to redeem my points from my 6/28 statement - thanks for the reminder - they should be there by now. They were points from my May charges. They showed up on my June statement. & hopefully I can redeem them by now...).

  4. PatientSaver Says:

    Thanks, MM. I hate the wait.

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