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Bought Another Birthday Gift

March 20th, 2011 at 10:12 am

While we were at the museum yesterday, I bought my daughter a book about the artist exhibit we saw. She wanted it and I said it could be a birthday gift...so another purchase! I need to wrap up the birthday spending in the next couple days...it's almost time for the big day.

Today, we are going to run by Old Navy for a pair of jeans for the youngest daughter and possibly Kohl's to use a $10 coupon that expires today. It is hard to pass up free money!!

Beginning Balance: 457.89
Groupon Purchase: (15.00)
Grocery Purchase: (45.59)
Fuel Purchase: (54.49)
Grocery Purchase: (24.13)
Ebay Birthday Purchase: (3.65)
Toaster Purchase: (26.37)
Grocery Purchase: (19.37)
iHerb Purchase: (1.68)
Grocery Purchase: (4.62)
Gift Purchases (19.36)
Grocery Purchase (34.93)
Account Interest $0.07
Cat Food Purchase: (28.61)
Fuel Purchase: (52.21)
Coffee Purchase: (4.99)
Addition of Funds: $500.00
Grocery Purchase: (83.55)
Ebay Purchase: (0.94)
Health Purchase: (5.06)
Previous Balance: $533.41

Gift Purchase: (25.00)
New Balance: $508.41

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