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Free Entertainment!

July 12th, 2010 at 07:21 am

We had some free excitement and entertainment here at our house. Last night while down in our unfinished basement my cat seemed quite interested in something out the window. The window with a window well.

Turns out a young bunny and a toad, both alive were in the window well. This is at least four feet below ground level. Aww...so cute! But how to get that bunny out before it dies.

I first put a board into the window well thinking it could crawl up and out. Once it was in, I realized that it was pretty steep. My youngest daughter suggested I open the window, when I said it would be nice to try and trap it, but couldn't figure out how I would do that four feet above ground.

I figured out how to get the window open. In this case, I had to pull the entire window out since the screen doesn't open! It's a fire escape window. Pretty easy actually. Now I'm prepared. Smile

No luck trying to trap the bunny in a box. It was fast! I even tried a rake from inside thinking I could scoop it up and out the window well. Again...too fast! This all took place about 9:30pm last night. I was tired. I left the board in and hoped for the best.

This morning. Bunny still there. Hiding under the board. Toad still there, too. Toad seemed to be the least of my worries.

Brillant idea comes to me! Use the cat carrier and lure it into there with cilantro. Once again I open the fire escape window. Clear the basement of cats, who were so very interested. I set the carrier in, propped the door open, placed cilantro around the area along with a big bunch inside the carrier. Leave and wait. I actually left the fire escape window open. The bunny could have come in my basement if wanted to.

I waited only 10 minutes. Sure enough...in the cat carrier eating cilantro. Poor thing was probably pretty hungry. Luckily, I was able to get the carrier shut without it bolting out. I actually walked through the house with it! I put it outside and propped the door open. Next time I checked...bunny was gone. Leaving plenty of cilantro behind.

Now to sanitize the cat carrier!!

Oh...I almost forgot. I scooped the toad up with a used plastic blueberry container and then dumped him back up to ground level. Toads really aren't that fast!

4 Responses to “Free Entertainment!”

  1. north georgia gal Says:

    WOW! Lots of excitement! Thank goodness you had cilantro and an empty cat carrier!

  2. sagegirl Says:

    I have been bugging dh for some time to restack the fire wood in the backyard..we didn't use the fireplace last winter and the wood pile has become somewhat disheveled. So he finally went out Saturday to assess what needed to be done, only to find a momma bunny and two babies had made a home under the wood pile.

    Alas,he got out of restacking the wood pile until our guests move out. They are too cute!!

  3. LittleGopher Says:

    What fun! This reminds me of when my oldest girls were little. They regularly set up a bunny trap using a cardboard box propped up by a stick, with a string attached and a little pile of plucked grass lilac leaves underneath. They'd wait giggling about three feet away (in the open!) waiting for a bunny to go under that box. Once there was a young bunny sitting on the other side of the yard calmly chewing grass totally unnoticed by the great bunny hunters. (I'm so glad the girls didn't know about cat carriers and cilantro!)

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    Good Job! Big Grin

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