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Shopping Spree

September 24th, 2009 at 12:16 pm

Yes, after four no spend days, I went shopping. A true planned outing of spending. Because I had coupons!!

I had two $5 off any purchase coupons for Old Navy. The girls need fall shirts. In the end, I bought four shirts for $20.14!!! A great deal.

I went with a friend. For lunch we picked up pretzels. With a coupon!! Buy 1, Get 1 Free. Total $2.75. My portion $1, since I did the driving. Yipee! Oh, that pretzel tasted soooo good, too.

1 Responses to “Shopping Spree”

  1. mrs. Says:

    Have to love those spending sprees that are planned! Great deal on the Old Navy purchase.

    My DDs are using old backpacks and at Kohl's I found $60 backpacks on sale for $26 (pre 15% discount). I'm always looking for future gifts. I was really glad that I got both of them for $47. Never too soon to start Christmas shopping!

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