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Spending Always Happens....

April 3rd, 2009 at 05:43 pm

at the beginning of the month.

All the bills are paid until next pay period. The water bill was $6.25 under budget! I always love that!

Just tonight, I bought socks for DD2. I also took both girls to get their hair cut. Tomorrow I need to find a pair of jeans for DD2. The last two pairs seem to have simultaneously developed holes in the knees. How often does that happen?

I also received school registration papers today. I'll need to write a couple of checks to our public school system by the end of the month in preparation for the next school year. Joy.

Make it a great weekend!

2 Responses to “Spending Always Happens....”

  1. jpkittie Says:

    Great blog - I have been reading a few of your posts ~ I look forward to your journey Smile

    That is fantastic that your water was underbudget Smile I too love when that happens!

  2. dmontngrey Says:

    Good news on the water bill! Mine was $15 more than I budgeted, but that's not too bad for a bill I only see twice a year.

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