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Reinspired Frugalness

July 28th, 2008 at 08:06 am

As I've stated in my blog title, I see our money as some we spend now and some that we spend later. We've done a fair amount of spending as of late. A newer Honda Odyssey is now filling our garage along with four new bikes, helmets and a bike rack. We don't regret any of it. We've had quite a bit of fun getting to know our local trails and landscape.

After all that spending, I'm feeling inspired to do some frugal things. My husband is apparently on board with this, too. I mentioned last week that he discovered driving to work through town on side roads saves him 15 miles of driving vs. the 30 miles on the interstate around town.

He started last week with a full tank and instead of draining it in full, he ended the week with just under half a tank! Wow, what a difference. We estimate that he will only need to fill the tank three times a month vs. four. That saves us about $50 a month. He seems pretty excited that he figured this out on his own. I'm proud of him, too!

So, what am I doing to be frugal? The other day I found myself using the empty bag my bulk purchase of paper towels came in to empty the cat's litter box. I usually grab a brand new trash bag for this task.

I also bought a bag of black beans instead of several cans. I have yet to use these, but I have a great frugal recipe for these that I will share later this week. I love black beans!

I also discovered another frugal site that looks promising. It is here. I may even find some time to start rereading my copy of the Tightwad Gazette. That book is inspiring!

I will be looking for more ways that I can be frugal. Anyone else been reinspired lately?

1 Responses to “Reinspired Frugalness”

  1. thriftorama Says:

    I think I will join you in becoming frugal again. These past few weeks, money has seemed to just disappear.

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