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More Kickin'

July 1st, 2008 at 07:35 pm

Yep, I'm kicking the home equity loan with another $12.00. This is interest from our money market account for this month. Can't wait until rates go back up!!

I also sent away for another $10 mysurvey check. It will be here in a few weeks. It will also go to the loan payoff.

My daughter turns 8 on Saturday. This means a $1 increase to her monthly allowance. The girls receive $1 for every year old they are. So, starting this month I pay out $19.00 instead of $18.00! I should teach them to save their increases...hmm, I wonder if that would go over?

2 Responses to “More Kickin'”

  1. Lost in Debt Says:

    I'd be surprised if they save the extra dollar but is a good idea to encourage it. My son spends faster then I give.

  2. kquealey Says:

    Thanks for the welcome CCfree! I think that is a great idea to instill saving some moolah into them at a young age. I read something about one mom who withheld a dollar or two from her children's allowance every week and years later when they hit a rough spot financially she presented them with their forced savings money. Kind of a cool concept.

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