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Today's Numbers: $4.29, $13.50, $730, $200

June 21st, 2008 at 07:22 pm

I did go to Aldi for my first time yesterday. I took my girls. They loved that you had to put a quarter in to get a cart. We didn't actually get a cart, but the liked the idea. My daughter even brought her own quarter to use!

We picked up 3 things. Baby carrots, bag of red onions and ice cream bars for the girls. My total was $4.29. The woman ahead of me had a cart full of groceries. Her total was $79! I was very impressed with many of the prices. I'm sure I will be back.

This morning we traveled to our downtown farmers market. We bought 1 quart of strawberries for $5, a quart of sugar snap peas for $4 (later saw these for $2 at another stand), a dutch letter for the girls to share for $1.50, and romaine lettuce for $2. Parking was free as was the poetry reading, the music, the view of the river that is finally beginning to recede but is still higher than normal. We saw a three month old puppy, cool art, and many pretty flowers.

I really would love to make this a regular Saturday event for my family. It is just a good time. I think I need to go just a bit earlier next time, so that it is cooler and the crowd is not as thick.

We received $25 rewards from my debit card the other day. This is the extra money that I sent off to the home equity loan payoff. I expect to get a little interest on our money market account and some funds from ebay sales...all will go the home equity payoff.

Today was the sign up for dance and tumbling classes. I paid for the year in full in cash...$730. One daughter decided not to take dance because we expect she might be a bit busier in middle school with homework. This saved me from spending another $300. Love that!! I will hold on to it, in case we did to make a payment towards braces.

I reworked out escrow account today, too. I decided to start saving for dance classes for next year. Turns out instead of my previous monthly amount of $124, the new amount will be $200. I will split this evenly between the two checks we receive each month.

It was a good money day. Tomorrow I must grocery shop because my dearest soldier husband is coming home from three weeks of training. Can't wait to see him.!!

If you don't know what ETE is...read my post from yesterday. I did great with it today!

2 Responses to “Today's Numbers: $4.29, $13.50, $730, $200”

  1. Jodi Says:

    OOh, I can brag here about my Aldi bargains! My coworkers look at me funny when I do! I got 2 bags of baby carrots-$0.35 each, pineapple for $0.69, head of lettuce-$0.35, cucumber-$0.15, gallon of milk-$1.59(it's close to $4 every where else). Bags and bags for $36. Went over budget $6, but woo-hoo! Isn't saving money fun!! Also like your ETE idea, have to give that a whirl. I confess, I'm a 'piler'.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Good job on your Aldi purchases! I will be going there more often now that my feet are wet.

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