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June 20th, 2008 at 09:59 pm

Those letters stand for something and I'll let you know what it is in a moment.

By knowing what ETE is I am able to:

save time
save money
feel calm
have a party at the drop of the hat

Wow! What could possibly do all that?

ETE refers to erase the evidence. It is a little organization helper, that reminds me to pick up after myself. If I make a turkey sandwich, I must clean off the counters and put everything away so that it appears I was never even there.

ETE saves me time, because I put things back where they go...without misplacing or redirecting them. ETE saves me money for the same reason. I know where all my bills and library books are.

I confessed to my sister just today that I was a little compulsive about order at times. Why? It really seems to make me calmer. Although, I've realized in the last 6 months that there are other ways to relax. I also deserve to relax even before I get everything in order.

ETE means I don't have to pick up for company. I've already done it as I go along. Of course, I'm still trying to teach the rest of the family.

Disneysteve...anyone else want to try? See if it works for you this week. Think ETE...Erase the Evidence. Do it all day long or just once a day. For me it's both! Remember, I told you I'm a bit compulsive.

4 Responses to “ETE”

  1. JanH Says:

    Now, that's an interesting way to look at putting things in their places. I have to admit to leaving a trail behind me....I think I'll try this. I've been noticing that as I declutter stuff, I've been trying to find homes for stuff and keeping them put away more often. But, if I take small steps and keep ETE in mind, I could make more progress. Count me in!

  2. littlemama Says:

    Count me in too. Now if I could only get my family to joun in ...Smile

  3. Aleta Says:

    Everytime I go into a room, I try to pick something up that doesn't belong there. That also helps because you're making your trip to the room do double duty.

  4. greengirl Says:

    i do that all the time too. the problem is that i live with two people that don't. so while it seems i don't even live in my house, there is still crap everywhere, only its not mine! lol.

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