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A Deal on Filters

September 4th, 2014 at 10:39 am

Okay be prepared for lots of links...none that you are required to click on. I got wind of a deal on furnace filters today fro Hip2Save.

The deal is here at Home Depot to purchase a 12 pack of furnace filters for as low as $1.58 per filter shipped free. It turns out I'm in need of filters later this month.

I worked the deal a little harder to squeeze a little more savings off. I picked a 12 pack that would fit my furnace and was priced at $19.06 before taxes. With tax the total price was $20.20.

I went looking for discounted Home Depot electronic gifts cards (that I could use online) and came upon a gift card worth $16.17, but discounted more than 9% for the price of $14.63. I bought the card closest to the price without going a large amount over because I wanted to minimize my out of pocket cost.

Once I had made the gift card purchase on Raise, I went looking for a cash back site that I'm signed up with for the best discount. I must note here that it did take over an hour to receive the actual electronic gift card from Raise, but that it did work with no problems! I ended up using TopCashBack for as the rebate site because they were offering 3% back rather than 2% at Ebates. Only a $0.20 difference, but it all adds up!

So the final transaction went like this. Logged into TopCashBack, clicked on the Home Depot icon for 3% cash back, my total for the purchase at Home Depot was $20.20. I paid $4.03 on my credit card and used the gift card purchased for $14.63, but worth $16.17 to complete the transaction.

I paid $4.03 plus $14.63 and will get $0.57 back from TopCashBack. Effectively, I'm purchasing 12 furnace filters for $18.09 (with tax) and each filter is less than $1.51. A little extra work to save more than $2, but it was fun to get a deal on something I need anyway!! Now I'm set for a full year.

Do you follow Hip2Save deals? How much do you pay for a furnace filter?

Those are my affiliate links for Ebates, Raise and TopCashBack. No need to use them if you aren't interested.

1 Responses to “A Deal on Filters”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    It's like a puzzle! Good for you; I suspect we need a new filter.

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